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A resistor is a two-terminal electrical or electronic component that
resists an electric current by producing a voltage drop between its
terminals in accordance with Ohm's law.

The electrical resistance is equal to the voltage drop across the
resistor divided by the current through the resistor. Resistors are used
as part of electrical networks and electronic circuits.
* Thick Film Chip Resistors (RM)      
* Milli-Ohm Resistors  (MR)
* Carbon Film Fixed Resistors (RD)
* Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors (RSN)
* Wire Wound Resistors(KN)
* Wirewoind Resistors (KNP)
* Cement Type Resistors
Wirewound & Metal Oxide Film (SQ)
* Thick Film Chip Resistor Networks (CN)    
* Non-inductive CMOS Chip resistors (MSQ)
* Metal Film Fixed Resistors (RN)
* Nonflame Fusible Metal Film Resistors (FRN)
* Jumper Wires & Zero-Ohm Resistors(JUMP)
* Thick Film Resistor Networks (RA)
* Carbon Composition Resistors(RC)
Chip Resistor
A few types of resistors
A pack of resistors
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